Buying a 2007 M45 with 75000 miles - Please advise!


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Good evening Gentleman of the Infiniti forum!
I have, for a long time now, really wanted to get the m35 or m45. now that my budget allows me to do so, i found one about 550mi away from where I live and have decided to make the painful 7hour journey there and back because this is the lowest priced m45 i found anywhere. all options even radar cruise control. This scares me a little also...

The seller is a dealership. He seems to sell random cars, nothing luxury on his lot at the moment. he said he changed the front left wheel bearing and that's all it needed. He has also dropped his price to the point where he claims he is only making $500 off the car. then I told him to share the carFax (aka carproof here in Canada aka f*ck its cold/pothole land). its clean.

Car's history:
it started life in Montreal, Canada, and was on lease i assume, 10/25/2006 (my birthday is oct26 lol).
then Nov 2nd 2009 (at 25,000mi), it was reported at an auto auction. Guessing person who owned it brought it back after 3 year lease ended and dealer said auction it, too old to care?

Anyways after that the car roams the streets of Quebec and Ottawa from 2009 november onwards to about sept 2013. This is when the car disappears from the records. Now its 2015 and this dealership has got it. He says he bought it off a bigger dealership that he buys his luxury cars from all the time.

my friend has the m35x for the past 2 years and the biggest issue he has had around is the steering pump. cost him about 700$ parts and labor. CAD.

can I please be advised of the most common problems this car has? Like the bmw's are plauged with leaking valve cover gaskets.. Nissans problem is the ABS sensors corroding and causing whacky issues. then Benz has the issue where the motor mounts need replacing. and the rad fluid leaks into the transmission, that's a big one. then audi and their sealed transmissions not being fixable etc......

anyways, i'm going there on Monday (a national holiday in Canada) to ruin my day off from work at 7am i leave and see if this car is worth buying. have spent about 300$ already to arrange to get there and back. whether I buy the car and drive it back or not is open to debate. I am not there and have no way of checking it out or trusting the dealers word. but im risking it..... HELP, ADVICE?

Is there anyway I can give someone the VIN that can pull up its history? like dealership history? and if not, then I'm thinking of paying the seller to take the car in to infiniti this week. and if he is hesitant for some reason then i know there's an issue..

pictures of the car: hopefully one of you guys doesn't point out that it looks rebuilt / painted over car -____- //////////// pics of interior coming.