Any buyer advice you wish you knew prior to buying? And other questions for Q60 owners.


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Jan 23, 2023
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TLDR; gonna buy a 2020 or newer Q60 Luxe 3.0t in April, looking for advice on buying (things to look for and such, I've bought plenty of used cars, and I know the generic things to look for with any car, I'm just wondering if there are things specific to this car I need to know to look for so i don't get a lemon or something)

gonna save up about 13k-ish to use as a down payment and in April I plan on buying a used (maybe new but I doubt it) 2020 or newer Q60 Luxe 3.0t, id get a red sport but I'm 23 years old and according to google the insurance cost literally doubles when going from a luxe to a red sport.

I want a 2020 or newer because I require car play and I know there are a few small issues with heating and oil that seem to be fixed by the 2020 model.

- How much money do some of yall make? I'm asking bc I want to make sure I can afford this car. I'm currently making a gross pay of about $75K a year and my monthly expenses don't exceed $1500 (not including car payment)

- I wanna do some light modding, I'm planning on doing some kind of body kit to the car (i like cmst but I also like how wide-body's look), I wanna get the ark grip exhaust, upgrade the intake, and then get a custom tune that puts me somewhere between 400-475 hp (i know there are other things that have to be upgraded in order to not over heat after tunning, I didn't mention those as they are required), but ill want to own the car for a few years before doing any of this. with just the mods I mentioned how high of a risk is there for killing the turbos or engine? id like this car to last me 20 years so I can bring it to local car shows when I get old.

- how hard is it to work on this car yourself? I've only owned chevy cars and worked on those, I've always avoided imports as working on something new sounds scary but I've been looking up repair videos for the Q60 and all I've found is brake pad replacement and changing the oil which is the same as any car.

- other than the belt are there things that are bound to go out over time that ill have to replace? how much money should I keep in my savings account just for repairs per year? (i don't plan on hot rodding it nonstop but I do have a heavy foot)