Aftermarket Power liftgate Infiniti FX37 2009+


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I possess an Infiniti fx 37 European 2011 version without automatic tailgate.
I would put the Power liftgate to my Infiniti Fx, I found a chinese company(3w. that produces them for several cars, including Nissan but not Infinit Fx.
So I asked and he said so:

"Dear Luca,

We do not have a kit for your car yet, there is no plan either.
However, it is possible to expedite the development if we can collect a MOQ 50 units (sharing tooling fee) by using pre-order plan

Please check with your friend to see if they have the needs to meet the MOQ. Thank you!"

The price for kit is, with preorder, $299, it is not too expensive.

The problem is the MOQ 50pz, there is someone else interested?