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ABS motor continues to run after key off


New member

We have a 1997 QX4, and the ABS light started coming on intermittently. Then my wife told me that the car was making a funny noise after she turned it off. I discovered that a motor was still running on the passenger side up by the firewall. I'm assuming that's the ABS pump because of all the brake lines running in and out of it. I disconnected a connector by the pump and it stopped (the motor was hot to the touch). But now the ABS light is on steady.

I've researched this a bit, and have read the problem is the ABS relay, that it can stick and needs replaced. I don't have a shop manual for this car, so could someone describe in words or send me a picture of where this relay is? Is it behind the connector I unplugged? (there are several other connections there).