Abs light,o/d light flashing,whirring noise help!


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Jun 22, 2015
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Hi this is my first post on any forum ever and I'm not the most mechanically inclined but I can use tools and replace things as long as I know what it is to replace or fix. With that said I have a 99 infiniti g20t. About a month ago I was driving my car and I noticed a burning wire smell coming from under the hood. Then I heard a whirring noise coming from the alternator/abs area. The abs light came on solid after 20 minutes of driving under the prior conditions. Then 10 minutes later the car was losing power and going dim and then it just shut off. I let it cool down for an hour and it started right back up and I was able to get home. It was perfectly fine until about a week ago I was driving and same thing happened. Burning wire smell,whirring,abs light and then death. Also the o/d light flashed and then became solid as the car got closer to dying. So I replaced the alternator and the battery terminals because they had some corrosion on it and that's what a buddy told me the problems probably were. Checked the battery and it was showing proper voltage. No grounds felt overly hot or any visualy melted wires. Everything was charging fine and no lights on the dash. Now yesterday I was driving and same thing. Abs light comes on,everything goes dim on the dash and the car just died. But no burning smell. So I disconnected the abs completely at the pump and jumped the car to try and bypass it and it still just kept shutting off. But no battery light or brake light ever came on the dash. I realize that there is a search function and have tried to use it to the best of my abilities but could not find anything exactly like my problem. Also I have not opened the abs pump to get to the relay that is usually an issue but there is no "buzzing" going on just a whirring like as if the pulley on the alternator. Also the sound goes away when the key is taken out of the ignition which is why I haven't swapped it yet. But I have tapped it like some suggest. Tomorrow I will probably change the relay just to see if that does it. I'm all out of ideas. Someone please help.