About to drop off my 2016 QX80 for some warranty issues - horn, auto leveling and Cruise/BCI issues

I will be dropping off my QX80 which is in its final month of manufacturer warranty. A few issues which I am hoping they will fix:

1. At times when I lock the car using the key fob the horn sounds weak / as if only one is working. It doesn't occur all the time however.

2. Yesterday we took a 350 kms drive out of town. I was using the normal cruise control (turned off intelligent cruise by holding down the button for few seconds) and it was working fine. I turned off the cruise and drove as normal. After some time I attempted to turn on the DCA but it would not turn on.

The CRUISE icon (amber color) would come on when I pressed the DCA. I could not even turn on the cruise control. At one point the cruise control button appeared stuck but I pressed it again and it returned to position. When pulled over at a gas station I checked the owner manual and it said to turn off the vehicle and turn it back on. Before I did this I noticed the BCI icon was amber and it shouldn't be turned on when driving.

After turning off and on the car the CRUISE / DCA / BCI worked fine .

3. On my journey we stopped on a hilly road. I put it in park whilst we got out to take pictures. I heard the auto leveling in action (driver side rear tire). Few hours later at home I parked on a flat paved road and heard the same noise from driver side rear tire area. I drove a bit and could hear some whining noise inside the cabin from the rear.

I put the vehicle in neutral at the light and back in the drive. The noise stopped and hasn't occurred since.

4. I wash my vehicle my self. Windows are always fully shut and doors shut. However, when I open the driver or front passenger door I notice some drops of water on the seats. The dealer once before checked all the seals and re-positioned them. I am gonna make them replace the seals.

5. The chrome trim on my gear shifter knob has worn off and it actually quite jagged. This was present from the previous owner and probably not under warranty. I read a new shifter knob is about $150.