4 Wheel Steer problems


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Hi, I have a 2013 M37S. Bought it new and now has 35K miles. Thought of this as a long term purchase as the car has been great. Warranty just ran out 4 months ago. A couple days ago I got 2 dash lights at once. Pulled over and checked the owners manual and found it to be the 4wheel Steer. Manual said to shut car off and then restart. Lights went out for about an hour, then came back So took it into the dealer who said it showed low voltage. Replaced the battery and they kept it for an extra day to monitor it and sure enough the lights came back on. Picked it up this morning and they say it needs a new actuator for $5400. + labor! Has anyone else experienced this? They say the powertrain has 7 year and 70K mile warranty but this is not part of the powertrain. Any help will be greatly appreciated.