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2017 Infniti Q60 Red Sport


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Cumming, GA
Okay it's think tank time. I need some help from the collective.

38,000 on the odo - Added the Infiniti sport exhaust and the Infiniti cold air intake system.

Start up the car, drive for awhile and everything is fine. Turn off the car run into the store and come back out, crank up the car and everything "seems" fine.

Put it in gear and press the accelerator and no power. The car has high revs, starts to move forward but acting as if in some kind of limp mode. Transmission jerky.

No warnings. No lights. Nothing. I cycle the car off and on several times and it goes back to normal. The dealership is having difficulty recreating the problem as it's random. It has happened twice now in less than a week.

Okay group....Thoughts?

Thanks in advance...



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you asked for think tank replies, so my best guess is a computer gliche. During the install of one or the other new equipment, something was changed on the software or something added that had a bug. An infiniti equipped shop should have computer checkout to uncover anything. Good Luck