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2015 Infiniti Q40 iPhone/iPod output doesn’t work


New member
Hey what’s up, so to sum this up my output thing to plug in your phone to play your music doesn’t work anymore. It will work for a sometime until you hit a bump in the road and then it will shut off, and then take time to go back, BUT now it doesn’t even charge your phone and I just think the whole thing is probably fried. So what’s the issue? A loose connection, did maybe something leak and get into the usb? What is it? How can I fix it cause I need my god damn music and I’ve only had this car a year. Could it be a fuse? Or do I have to go to the dealership and pay a disgusting amount to fix it? Also just to finish my rant Infiniti is f$%king stupid as shit to not have their 2014- and newer models Bluetooth, f$%k your nav package that costs more than f$%king rent when it’s shitty quality anyways.

Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance ❤