2013 m37xs



I can't keep my car on the road!
I guess it's called tramlining.
I had 2 alignment very frustrating
Can't even enjoy the car I have to drive the car with two hands on the steering wheel. Any help would be appreciated...


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What tires are on the car? These cars had a reputation (or at least a lot of posts in the forums) for tramlining when they first came out and I think it was general consensus that it is the tires. I have had well used Michelins (when I bought the car) and now Yoko's for the past three years and have not noticed tramlining being worse than my other cars. I can easily drive with my knee, much less one hand, but then either of those options are a bit reckless :)

I recently had a left front wheel bearing go out at 65k on my 2012 M37x. It did not sound/feel like a bearing for the first month or so. I was convinced it was the front diff. However, over a few months it became obvious to me that it was the bearing and while I drove almost 2k miles on it before getting it addressed, the mechanic said that while it was in need of replacement, he had seen worse.

I had the tires rotated at the time of the bearing fix and my rears had considerable tread compared to the old fronts. I noticed quite a difference in steering wheel feel after the repair job which I attribute to the tire swap. It was enough that I was thinking about it for weeks, but I don't think I would have considered it tramlining. More of a 'light on her feet'. Now she drives like normal.

I've also had a sticky brake caliper slide and read of a few other M owners who have had the same. I noticed mine feeling rim temps after spirited driving. F/R rim was hot. Perhaps the car is just slightly pulling to one side?

I think these cars telescope front axle vibrations, tire tread bias, etc, in a exaggerated way (due to the steering boost system? geometry?) and we are perceiving it as tramlining.

Of course it could be the road too...