2013 JX 35, Right bank catalytic converter


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Jun 21, 2015
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Hey all, the engine light is on and the right front catalytic converter is the culprit. I have 108k miles on the car. I know that i want the car to last me another year or two. I had emissions testing passed just in Sept of 2020 and in IL it is good for 2 years. The car is running well in general.

I don't want to spend 1k on a OEM catalytic converter for getting a year or 18 months out of the car. Any suggestions?

My mechanic says get "direct fit". I found this one, it is the second one on the page for the right side.

13 2013 Infiniti JX35 Catalytic Converter - Exhaust - Bosal, Catco, DEC, Davico, Eastern Catalytic, Magnaflow, Walker, Center, Front Forward, Front Left, Front Rearward, Front Right, Rear - PartsGeek
how is catco? should i avoid? should i get different one?

there is also this one that is half the price.

Someone please help me out.