2012 M37


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Jan 26, 2020
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Greetings fellow members. Well not officially yet but sounding good.

I am looking at a 2012 M37 RWD Silver, Black with premium package. 101.5K a touch high but still below 15K a year average. CARFAX shows decent service history with normal stuff like OLF, Flushes etc.... tires and brakes loom good, dealer even offered to put on a lift in their service bay to allow my own undercarriage inspection. No leaks, frame looks solid, CARFAX shows some minor cosmetic damage but whatever it was appears to be cleaned up right. If there was paint involved the paint blended well and doesn’t look obvious.
The only major items I see and not immediate action items would be Shocks, Struts, Plugs and Water Pump. Mainly because they are high time items and not specifically mentioned in the C/F as being replaced. Runs solid, smooth shifting although a transmission fluid/filter change and or flush could be soon again Ofer 100K and not specifically mentioned in CF as being serviced. Fresh OLF, Engime and CAF. Interior clean, no squeals, no warnings etc.

Are there any major”Gotcha’s” that I need to check for during a second inspection before I sign any paperwork? Again mechanics and physical condition look clean but want to check for many other hidden stuff.