2012 M37 Service


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I recently purchased a 2012 M37 with just a tick under 102K Drives fine, looks good, very minor damage in the CARFAX but appears to be repaired and if there was painting involved the repair and paintwork blended well and does not stick out.

I tried to work some services into the deal and we came to sort of a compromise. He offered FREE Labor and lift but I had ot purchase the fluids. The services I am mentioning seem fairly simple enough but can be messy especially for climbing under the vehicle and if done incorrectly can cause major damage with little warning.

The service I am referring to are somewhat old school but still can be good to have done especially with 1`02K and no apparent record of them ever being completed.

Here are the four.

Brake System Flush....there is record of pad and rotor replacement but no system flush.

Power Steering System Flush.......again no record by either CARFAX or onboard service records.

Differential Service....Does not appear to be leaking so should be a simple drain and re service.

Transmission Fluid Transfer, I understand there is not a filter but drain pan would be removed to inspect magnet for shavings and allow more old fluid to drain. At this time I would plan just a drain and re service with fresh fluid.

Dealer insists fluids look good and although the manufacturers specify very long life fluids I am skeptical. Especially with no filter to remove and replace. I hate to call it conspiracy but my observation is they tell you that the fluid will last 150K miles but probably a good chance that the fluid will start breaking down about 100 miles AFTER the powertrain warranty expires....even extended powertrain warranty.

I am O.K with purchasing the fluids and getting the free labor and disposal of old fluids but want to ask myself.

Are they right in not needing these services?

Are they just trying to get out of the work or should I say trying to not spend on fluids?

Am I being somewhat paranoid and will the fluids last longer than I am giving credit for? I have heard of the transmissions going well over 100K without even fluid change but then I am sure those scenarios are rare.

These are fairly simple projects and good preventative maintenance in my opinion. The jobs are probably even simpler for a trained and skilled mechanic with use of specialized tools for both accuracy and efficiency.

Should I take the offer of the labor if I buy the Fluids or take to another dealer/repair facility?

I did already negotiate free labor for oil changes with same provision of me bringing in the Mobil 1 Full Synthetic and filter.

Any thoughts. Again no current problem indicators just want to get ahead of some fairly high time fluid replacement.