200k Mile Maintenance on 2008 Infiniti G35s 6MT


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Hey y'all,

Bought my 2008 infiniti g35s 6MT sedan back in 2017 with 154k miles on it while I was still in college. 1 owner. Perfect condition. Never had any real issues other than routine maintenance (new battery, tires, oil changes every 3-4k because city miles, and just cosmetic repairs).

After 3 great years it's sitting at about 192,000 miles. Still runs great, and I'm looking to keep it that way for at least another 1-2 years.

It's due for an oil change, inspection, and registration here soon, so I'm looking to get some high mileage maintenance done on it to last me for a while longer. What do y'all suggest I have done to it? Haven't ever flushed or swapped most of the fluids to my knowledge besides coolant due a leak.

But yeah. Feel free to let me know your suggestions. Thanks!


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Change to full synthetic oils all around, change /flush your brake fluid. Flush and change your cooling system with fresh anti freeze.
I use 75/140 full synthetic gear oil in both transmission and differential. Don't forget the additive if you have a limited slip. The car should last over 300K miles I have been told. Don't be afraid to do some of your own maintenance and repairs these cars are very straight forward to work on. Get a Haynes manual not fantastic but truly helpful. Those plastic fasteners you push through to attach plastic panels get lots of those you will need them if you do your own work. Enjoy your lovely car.