2006 Infiniti M35 starting issue


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Aug 24, 2020
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Had to have the car towed the other day due to a non-starting issue. Did some grocery and coming out of the parking lot heading home, the car failed to start. The car is automatic and ran just fine with no indication of any problem prior to this. Brake pedal just ended up being very stiff suddenly. The car goes to ACC and ON positions but does not start. No cranking, noise, and not even a tick sound. I paid close attention to the dash and the yellow key sign is lit along with the brake and start sign. Horn, radio, dome and outside lights all working. Key fob works just fine locking and unlocking the car. Steering is not locked and to this point, I don’t even remember if it previously locked the wheel after turning the vehicle off or locking the car with the fob.

After visually checking ALL the fuses under the cockpit on the left kick panel and engine bay behind the battery, I didn't notice any that were burned out. With all my readings through the forums, I have replaced both of the brake sensors, and the alternator with new parts resulting in no change. Tried to hit the steering column lock underneath the steering wheel while stepping on the brake and pressing the start button like mentioned on some forums; also no luck starting the car. Obtained and attempted to replace the whole steering column with a used (but working) part from the junkyard but no change to it’s current symptoms. This is my first Infinity/Nissan car and I love it when it’s running but it simply disappoints me with it’s complexity compared to Lexus/Toyota, Acura/Honda, and some European cars. I have not checked the relays yet. Would anyone have any idea of the culprit(s) and to get this car running again?