2005 FX35 - C1143 code - DVC Off, Slip lights


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Hello All, Thanks for the feedback in advance...

I had my airbag recall, brakes, bearing, new tires and alignment done a few months ago,

The other day I was driving and my VDC OFF and Slip lights came on,
not my ABS light though. The mechanic gave me a C1143 code which is for the steering angle sensor.

I took it to the dealership and they reset/adjusted it free of charge and it worked for 3 days and went on again, now they say it needs a new SAS (steering angle sensor) and spring for $1600. :mad:

Another symptom I noticed that they said was fine, is that my car squeels when turning the wheels hard, like a bus's airbrakes when I make a hard u turn or am coming off an off ramp with a big turn.

Are the 2 related?,

Should I bite the bullet and get it fixed when it might not be the problem?

Should I just drive it without VDC (VDC Off and slip lights on)
Is that dangerous in snow rain, or is it just like driving an older car?
The car is 12+ years old but has only 91k miles.