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2003 G35 window troubles


New member
Over the past few months my driver side window has increasingly been a problem. The window will sometimes be non-responsive refusing to go up or down regardless if I use the switch, remote, or the old key in the door trick. Often when it does go down it will only go a few inches or stutter every couple of inches and appearing to be an alignment issue. Sometimes I can get the window to go all the way down if i help it out a little but, more often I have to turn off the car maybe open and close the door and wait a few minutes before trying it again. I am unable to hear the window motor but, I doubt that I should anyway. This is Florida and it does get hot here but, even when its only a mere 80 degrees the window often does not work. Another symptom is when you open the door the window drops about a half an inch as it however when you close the door it often doesn't return. Do I have some faulty wiring, a sensor issue, or bad alignment of the window mechanism?

Thank you for your help,