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'14 qx80 transmission ghost


New member
So bad rainstorm a few days ago.

Now my QX 80 is shifting itself into and out of 4-HI, mostly while SITTING STILL. The knob is on auto, but in the LCD display, it shows it switching back and forth, and the inherent beeping noise that goes along with switching it back and forth.

And yes, it FEELS like four wheel drive. Hard to turn just like when in 4 WD.

Anyone ever hear of this???


New member
Anomaly lock?

Just heard from dealership.

They said it could be some type of "anomaly lock" and can possibly be reset by owner.

1. vehicle running
2. neutral
3. parking break
4. turn from 4 HI to AUTO on dial
5. should reset in 10-20 seconds and be good

Will try as soon as done work.


Tupelo, MS
Haven't heard of this issue before. Certainly haven't experienced it. On our 12 I did experience some failed solenoids that caused my windows to roll themselves down and constantly trigger my approach lights to come on which led to my battery dying prematurely.
Keep us posted on what evolves. Hopefully a "hard reset" like you referenced will alleviate any issues going forward.