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    Can't find connector name for 3rd radio wire hanress

    In my 2003 QX4, there are 3 different connectors that plugged into the original Bose head unit. Two are used for the radio, called the Metra 70-7550, and were wired to the aftermarket radio that was in my car when I bought it secondhand. The 3rd connector wasn't wired to anything. The steering...
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    RPM, Oil and Temp Gauge not working or turning on/off

    I own a 2005 QX56 SUV. Over the past few months, my RPM cluster stopped working and my oil and temp gauges are flashing on and off while I drive. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Where to look to see if there is a loose connection or wiring issue? Assistance is appreciated as...
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    Questions about wiring.

    Hi, I'm trying to set up my subwoofers and my amp in my 1992 infiniti Q45 and was wondering the best way to run a power wire from the battery to the trunk of the car, any help would be much appreciated.:)