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  1. M

    Warranty and Maintenance void

    Hey guys, is there such a rule where if you maintain your infiniti from a third party, then warranty will be voided? Basically, are we required to go to a retail infiniti dealer to service our cars? I have a qx60. Thanks.
  2. J

    Tire Wheel Paint Warranty and Extended Warranty

    Just bought a new 2013 qx56. I was quoted the following for warranty, and have 30 days to accept. I didn't buy at the time of purchase, because I wanted to learn more about it first. This forum has/had been a great resource, so what do you all think about the following? 8year/120k warranty...
  3. D

    M35x AC troubles

    The AC on this car periodically stops working for 10 to 15 min. It keeps blowing air but is not cooling. After several minutes it kicks back on and works fine. After this happens if I turn the car off I can hear a loud moaning noise coming from the engine compartment and a burning smell...
  4. P

    Extended Warranty and Service Plan Pricing

    Infiniti offers a number of variations on their QX 56 new car extended warranty plans, based on years, mileage, deductible, etc. Having just purchased a new 2011 QX 56, I wanted to inquire if anyone has purchased the extended warranty and what they paid. Any help you can provide would be...