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  1. J

    Adaptive Transimission?

    Anyone know of a way to 'reset' what the car has learned from the previous owner? I just bought used 2016 Limited and it seems to get in to 4th gear at a low speed...don't want to judge previous owner, but I'd like to have it 'learn me' quickly or start over so I can take advantage of the...
  2. J

    1996 G20 Transmission Problem. PLEASE HELP

    Hi. I'm new here and not quite sure how this works. I dont want to step up with my hands open expecting the world for nothing but I'm a little desperate. My 96 G20 automatic doesn't have a first or second gear. The previous owner told me that he put it in park by mistake when he was going down a...
  3. S

    '14 qx80 transmission ghost

    So bad rainstorm a few days ago. Now my QX 80 is shifting itself into and out of 4-HI, mostly while SITTING STILL. The knob is on auto, but in the LCD display, it shows it switching back and forth, and the inherent beeping noise that goes along with switching it back and forth. And yes, it...
  4. W

    1996 J30 - sell or fix transmission?

    My beloved 1996 J30 did not pass its 18thNew York State inspection. The check engine light problem shows an error for the solenoid. Transmission place replaced the solenoid and still gets the check engine light (emissions light??). They said the fluid is really yukky and bad. I use my J30 as...
  5. I

    O/D or transmission prob on a 2001 G20. need help.

    I have just changed my alternator and tps in my 2001 g20. The check engine light is still on and the code is reading that it is the tps. Guy at auto advance says i have to run it 100,000 before it comes off. That is the only code i am getting from the check engine light. BUT now my gears doesn't...
  6. D

    Choppy acceleration

    So this is weird...the car runs fine. It's a 2000 I30t. I say fine instead of normal, because normal for this car is...different. Regardless, I digress. It starts as usual, it idles as usual and runs down the highway just fine. However, when I try to accelerate anything above a "nominal"...
  7. 0

    Any ideas? loss gas mileage & higher RPMs at 60mph

    2007 G35 Sport Sedan w/ 105K miles I do mostly highway driving and monitor my gas mileage regularly. Recently I noticed a sudden 3-4mpg drop in gas mileage and the RPMs seem to be slightly higher than normal at highway speeds of 60+MPH. To me it felt like the car wasn't going into overdrive...
  8. H

    2003 Q Transmission issue

    When I start the car, put it in drive and exceed 5 mph, I feel and hear something electronically engaging under the floorboard. Anyone know what this is? Has not always done this....
  9. I

    Selling 1991 G20 (multiple questions)

    Hello, I'm going to be selling my 91 g20 relatively soon after a rebuild the caliper and replace the window motor. (As a side, does anyone know how to replace the window motor, as I've never done it on this car?) It has 205,xxx miles and the transmission is the original with a fluid change at...