1. B

    Towing with QX56

    I have been towing a 5800 lbs TT with my 2011 QX56 for about an year now. No issues except few annoyances. If anyone else is towing with their QX56 or QX80, I'm looking for suggestions on what accessories you added or upgrades you made to make your towing experience better. Here are few things...
  2. J

    Trailer hitch for G37x 2009?

    Does anyone know how the heck to get a trailer hitch installed on a 2009 G37x? I can find options for the G37 but not the G37x and I'm worried there are differences in the chasis or undercarriage. Are they the same as far as a hitch is concerned?
  3. M

    Towing a travel trailer with 2008 qx56

    I have read all the forums for towing a trailer. I just wanted to ask the experienced if they would tow a travel trailer with a dry weight of 6670lbs and hitch weight around 700lbs with the heaviest equalizer weight distribution. Thanks for the input.