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    Power Steering & Engine Air Filter

    I went to get my 2015 QX80 serviced at the dealership for it's 40,000 mile service. The rep said my power steering fluid was 'burnt' and needed flushing. Nowhere in the maintenance manual does it mention replacing or flushing power steering fluid. If it could get 'burnt', shouldn't it be...
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    Horn honks spontaneously

    In my 1997 qx4 there is a clacking sound in the steering wheel when turning. After a week or two of clacking, it started honking the horn spontaneously,.... when turning mostly. Sometimes just a little beep, sometimes it sticks on. I am not even sure how to get inside the steering wheel to...
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    '11 M37X Steering issues

    I have a 2011 M37X that my wife will not drive. Unless you are on PERFECTLY flat road surfaces the car darts from side to side. When you add ice ruts or snow or rutted highways it is dangerous and it is almost always very difficult to go straight without constantly making steering corrections...
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    Creaking noise driver side 2001 I30

    When I turn into a driveway entry, there is a creaking noise from the driver side area. The struts (Tokico Illuminas) & associated parts are 2 years old, & the outer tie rod end is new this year, just did stab bar bushings, brakes & rotors. 115K miles on vehicle. The spring insulator is split on...