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  1. J

    AWD Error

    A couple of months ago I noticed when I was making a right or left turn, while accelerating, the vehicle would shutter. It was like I was pushing a tire (or pulling) through a turn. It kind of felt like, in the old days, when you could put a vehicle into manual 4WD and all tires where turning at...
  2. D

    ABS SENSOR question

    So I replaced (1) strut and axle/CV joint (RH) on my 2000 I30t...yay! (It SUCKED.) However, everything went back together fine. One side to go. Unfortunately, during the reassembly, I broke the ABS sensor off right where it bolts onto the "hub". Apparently, it's a costly part. I guess my...
  3. R

    Can you change TPS systems from one to another?

    The TPS on my 1996 I30 is the one made under California emission law, new it's $136.00 or so.... i have a stalling, hesitating, dieing, issue after my car warms up. After driving for about 2-3 minutes and i come to a stop, the car idles down and dies. Giving it gas at the start-up allows it to...
  4. W

    Vehicle impact sensor for 2012 M35h

    A few months ago I special ordered a 2012 M35h and added a vehicle impact sensor as one of the accessories. A few days ago the dealer told me they got the part in but that Infiniti is pulling the accessory from the M35h's lineup so there wouldn't be any warranty on the part if it's installed...