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    :cool: Need Rim Suggestions Please

    Hello guys, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm very interested and almost about to purchase a lightly used G25 (sedan). I realize that this car has a weaker engine than its bigger brothers, but that's fine by me since I don't plan on racing. Anyways, I find the stock rims to be...
  2. B

    Looking to purchase tires/whees/rims for sale

    Looking to purchase rims for my infinity 2012 g37 - 5 V-SPOKES 18X7.5 form.
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    Selling set of 20" wheels + tires for 2011 M37 S

    Set of four 20" wheels/rims that come with tires for Infiniti M series vehicles for $1,995. These are the original wheels that come with the Infiniti M vehicles. I had these on my 2011 M37S and chose to switch to 18" wheels. These wheels are in excellent condition. New replacements for these...
  4. J

    Will my rims fit???

    I'm looking to buy my friends Fondmetal f1 rims but don't know if they will fit. I matched them up and they looked like they would fit. Anyone know rims?
  5. N

    Custom Rims for a 2008 FX35?

    Has anyone put custom rims on a 2008 FX35? I'm thinking about getting some 20 inch Gun metal Forgestar F14s. Has anyone put these on their 2008 or earlier Fx35? I've seen pics with them on the new body style (2009) and they look awesome, but not with the old body style. Wondering if they...
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    rims/tires wanted

    Got a 92 M30. Need tires and rims w/low miles that fit; from any late model Infiniti, good condition Infiniti that will fit my "M"please. Also need an M audio system as well (that has to come, unlike the tires/rims, from another M so it fits.) Thanks! frankm25@hotmail.com