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  1. M

    Warranty and Maintenance void

    Hey guys, is there such a rule where if you maintain your infiniti from a third party, then warranty will be voided? Basically, are we required to go to a retail infiniti dealer to service our cars? I have a qx60. Thanks.
  2. D

    purchasing advise jx35 vs qx60

    I have the option to purchase a 2013 jx35 fully loaded with premium plus package, entertainment package and driver assist package at 19000 miles or a 2014 qx60 with just the premium plus package and 13000 miles. Any advise as to the benefits of purchasing one over the other besides the obvious...
  3. J

    JX35/QX60 Entire Headlight Assembly not working

    I have scoured the web and cannot find anything related to this issue. Hopefully someone here can shed some light on the subject... pun intended. The driver's side headlight (low/high) is not functioning. The clear DRL / driving lights (in both headlight assemblies) are out. The amber side...
  4. N

    Can Driver Assist Package be added on later

    Hi I bought a QX60 2014 with Premium plus package, I would like to know if the Blind Side monitoring (or the whole Driver Assist package) be added to a an existing infiniti QX60 later on. I could not find a deal on an infinity with Driver Assist package so had to buy one without it, but would...