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    Towing with QX56

    I have been towing a 5800 lbs TT with my 2011 QX56 for about an year now. No issues except few annoyances. If anyone else is towing with their QX56 or QX80, I'm looking for suggestions on what accessories you added or upgrades you made to make your towing experience better. Here are few things...
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    RPM, Oil and Temp Gauge not working or turning on/off

    I own a 2005 QX56 SUV. Over the past few months, my RPM cluster stopped working and my oil and temp gauges are flashing on and off while I drive. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Where to look to see if there is a loose connection or wiring issue? Assistance is appreciated as...
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    New Owners Introduction

    I just became an owner of a new to me fully loaded black 2013 QX56 a couple of weeks ago with 102,500 Kilometers (about 60k miles). I made the mistake of getting a 2007 Cadillac Escalade years back instead of the QX when I needed a SUV for hauling a travel trailer from time to time. Headaches...
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    Low Volts -Battery Current Sensor / IPDM

    The volts on my 2013 QX56 have been fluctuating recently. The volts spike up to normal range when the car is started. After driving for a few minutes or sitting idle the volts average around 12.3 -12.1. If I turn the headlights on the volts go back up to the normal range. (I have been driving...
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    QX56 Beeps while driving with doors unlocked

    I have a 2011 QX56. I recently had battery issues and had it towed to dealer. They adjusted a setting on the alternator and it's working so far. Issue is now when the vehicle is in gear and the doors are unlocked it makes the outside series of beeps constantly, even while driving. If I pull up...
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    2006 QX56 Navigation question

    Ok guys, Im really going crazy with this issue, I cant get my navigation system to work properly, I already changed the screen and the system keeps turning off or resetting every once an a while, some times it wont even turn on at all, also if I leave the radio on when I turn of the ignition...
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    Want 2012 QX56 Tan Leather Bench Seat

    Does anyone want to swap their bench seat for my captain chairs and console?
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    Need instructions on manifold replacement

    Can anyone direct me to a manual, or google search, or YouTube, or XXXX that can explain how to change out a manifold on a 2008 QX56? I have a ticking noise when I first start my rig, but it goes away shortly thereafter. Mechanic tells me it's either a cracked manifold or bad gasket on drivers'...
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    Replacement Tires

    New Tires Who's bought new tires yet for their Beast??? I have the 20inch wheels, and $tealer finally says I need new tires... Got 57k on the originals.. I'm SHOCKED!! :eek: What tires are you guys using?
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    IPod hook up

    I'm being a little lazy right now, as I don't wanna go out to the truck in the cold and pull out the owner's manual But how/where do u plug in an IPod to play music through the AUX channel?? Do I need a special cable? thanks
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    [2011+] QX56 new motor, timing chains, etc

    Anyone here had to have an entirely new motor put into a 2011 or newer QX56? Also, has anyone here run into problems with the timing chain(s) in their 2011 or newer QX56 that resulted in either the timing chains having to be replaced or the entire motor having to be replaced? Lastly, will...
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    Dash board cluster Lights

    Checked out a 2005 QX 56 and fell in love. By the time I test drove it, it was night. With the automatic lights on everything seemed fine. Drove it during the day and noticed that some of my dash board cluster lights are VERY dim, can not even read the "trip milage" but the odometer lights are...
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    My new QX56 review and dealer upsell options..

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to thank everyone in the forum for their posts as I have been reading the forum for a few months now as I decided which kind of Qx56 to get. I thought I would add some value and go over some of the optional "up sells" the dealer offered me after the car was agreed...