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  1. K

    Transfer Case Mounts

    I am told I need to replace both the front right & left transfer case mounts. further told that the p[art has been discontinued. Can anyone help me with that. Thank you!
  2. R

    Can't find connector name for 3rd radio wire hanress

    In my 2003 QX4, there are 3 different connectors that plugged into the original Bose head unit. Two are used for the radio, called the Metra 70-7550, and were wired to the aftermarket radio that was in my car when I bought it secondhand. The 3rd connector wasn't wired to anything. The steering...
  3. T

    "New" owner of a 2002 QX4 with 150K miles

    We just bought an '02 QX4 with 150K miles. It looks great and runs great (now that we've replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor). We're in Central Oregon. Howdy!
  4. E

    Horn honks spontaneously

    In my 1997 qx4 there is a clacking sound in the steering wheel when turning. After a week or two of clacking, it started honking the horn spontaneously,.... when turning mostly. Sometimes just a little beep, sometimes it sticks on. I am not even sure how to get inside the steering wheel to...
  5. P

    2001 Qx4 Starts but doesn't completely turn over

    Hi i recently just bought a QX4 drove perfect the first few times and one day i was driving and it just stopped running on me!! : ( i had to get it towed, and when i tried to start it attempts to start then shuts right off??!! It turns over then no rpm rev or anything but it does fire, What...
  6. M

    need help finding out this part name

    hey guys. this broke a few days ago and i need to figure this out! the auto zone and other auto part stores cannot find the part for sure. can anyone help? thanks!