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    Newbie looking to by a used Q50/G37/Q70/M56

    Hello all, I'm looking to spend under $20k & have preference for speed, sporty handling & quiet ride. Trying to get a handle on maintenance costs buying a 2013-2015, under 100k miles. I prefer lower insurance & don't mind slightly worn exterior, if my first 3 priorities are met. I guess...
  2. C

    Q50 vs G37 - Which should I buy?

    Hey guys, soon to be new Infiniti owner here! I need your help on a decision I've narrowed down to two options, unless anyone has input for another option. I'm trying to decide whether to get a Q50 or a G37. Both AWD sedans. My budget is $22,000 MAX and I typically don't want to buy anything...
  3. P

    Infiniti q50 Signature edition

    Hi everyone, I have a 2017 q50 signature edition. Need to change the turn signal indicator on the right side door mirror -cracked. Been attempting to remove the cover of the mirror for a few hours now to no avail, any and all insight would gladly appreciated!
  4. V

    Infiniti Direct or Car Max?

    I currently have purchased 2 vehicles from the dealership direct. I have never gone through another source. I did find some great prices on a Q50 out of state through carmax. I have never considered going through another dealer, I wanted to get everyone thoughts? The car I am considering is a...
  5. G

    Speed Sensitive Volume setting disappeared

    After the last software update the Speed Sensitive Volume setting disappeared from the menu (as described on page 4-32 of the Infiniti In Touch Owner Manual for the Q50). Does anyone have any solution? Thanks for your help in advance! Gabor