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  1. V

    show goold maps from phone to q50

    Hello, I just got a Q50 2018 and I was wondering if there is a way to have google maps on my android show up on my q50 screen? I dont want to keep looking at my phone for that. Can it be integrated somehow?
  2. A

    2006 QX56 Navigation question

    Ok guys, Im really going crazy with this issue, I cant get my navigation system to work properly, I already changed the screen and the system keeps turning off or resetting every once an a while, some times it wont even turn on at all, also if I leave the radio on when I turn of the ignition...
  3. J

    After Market Navigation/Entertainment System

    Hi Everyone, New member here. I just purchased a 2011 G25 and love it. The only thing I don't like is that my car did not come with the upgraded navigation/entertainment system. Anyone have any recommendations on what I could have installed? I would like to have the bluetooth option...
  4. U

    Navigation question - more then 5 selections?

    When using the Voice commands for Navigation, I say "Navigation" and "Places". This gives me 5 choices but also allows me to say "Other". When I do that the selection I want (Golf) shows up. However, once saying "Golf", it only gives me 5 courses to choose from. Is there a way to see more...