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    2013 M37XS lease I'm trying to get out of

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. I leased a new 2013 M37x with the premium and sport packages in June 2013 (storm grey exterior, black/maple interior). I love the car but I'm barely driving it due to my commute (take the train into nyc), I thought I'd be using it more. Anyways after 18...
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    2013 Infiniti G37X S Lease

    Hi Everyone, Last year I leased a 2013 G37. I'm a recent college graduate and I'm trying to find someone who might be interested in taking over the lease since I'm still trying to find job stability. I'm okay financially right now, but I'm trying to get out of this lease before something bad...
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    Amazing g sedan deal!!

    amazing deals for 2012 infiniti g37x sedan for only $299 a month including tax for only 18 months!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Call asap. Deal expires soon. For more info please feel free to call or text me 917.727.5030. Thanks.