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    2014-2015 Q50 3.7 v6 free intake kit

    2014-2015 Q50 3.7 V6 needed for product development. please contact me for more info, please and thanks. Riverside CA. Ray Raymondy@knfilters.com 951-826-4000 ext. 4489
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    2016 Q50 2.0l t and 3.0l v6 turbo, free intake

    2016 Q50 in the 2.0l turbo and the 3.0l v6 turbo needed for intake development. please contact me for further information. also needed is a 2015 qx30. Riverside, CA area please and thanks Ray K&N Filters Vehicle coordinator Raymondy@KNFilters.com 951-826-4000 ext.4489
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    Performance upgrades

    I would like to upgrade a few things on my 2010EX35awd. Considerations... More Power: Aftermarket exhaust/muffler Intake Handling: sway bar, etc 18" rims tires there doesn't seem to be any info or products for the EX:mad:. Maybe some g37 stuff will interchange? I want to be realistic. ( I...