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    '99 I30 Fuel Leaking

    On a 1999 I30 - Fuel is leaking around hoses near the fuel tank. It's hard to tell where it's coming from because a large area was wet with gas. It continued to drip heavily for about 3 minutes after turning off the engine. I'm assuming it stopped after pressure in the fuel system died down...
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    Battery was dead now alarm will not stop

    I have a 2001 I30 battery was dead for 2 weeks replaced the battery. the car starts and runs but the factory alarm will not shut off.. Any ideas?
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    Back-up fuse location in i30T 1999

    Hi all! my back-up lights not working (white ones). Can't find a fuse for them... Anyone knows where is it? I've checked fuse panel inside the car, near battery and on the other side under the hood. PS i am new here and new to infiniti cars
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    Can you change TPS systems from one to another?

    The TPS on my 1996 I30 is the one made under California emission law, new it's $136.00 or so.... i have a stalling, hesitating, dieing, issue after my car warms up. After driving for about 2-3 minutes and i come to a stop, the car idles down and dies. Giving it gas at the start-up allows it to...
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    Might be buying a 1999 i30.

    Hey there, folks. I'm doing some car shopping, and a 1999 i30 with 137k miles caught my eye. I live in upstate NY, where salt rots everything to waste pretty quick, and this car is still looking pretty nice. I was hoping you folks could give me some tips for things to look for when I go check...
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    Parting out 2000 i30

    I recently purchased a 2000 i30 that was in a minor front end collision. I planned on fixing it and selling it, but due to a new job I will have little time to put in to it and resale at this point is too low to justify buying a new hood, bumper cover, radiator, and headlights. I also found out...
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    Brake problem after pad change

    Just changed the rear pads, rotor and caliper on the RR of my 2000 I30t. Now that I have them changed, and bled, and master cylinder full, the pedal feels as if I have no brakes at all. (I do, but I have to push the pedal waaaaaay down.) So, what gives? Is there an adjustment that I need to do...
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    1998 Infiniti I30t

    Looking at buying a 1998 Infiniti I30 touring edition, automatic, with just under 80K miles from a used car dealership. Carfax is clean with only 1 owner and no accidents. Test drove it earlier today and it seemed pretty good but I don't know too much about cars. Got up near 100 mph pretty...
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    My i30 won't start and i don't know why.. never had problems before

    My infiniti i30 won't start never had a problem before but went outside yesterday and it didn't start. It tries to start but it won't turn all the way over and catch if by chance you could help me it would be greatly appriciated. P.s. The batttery also looses power in the midst of trying to...
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    A/c psi over 100

    I have a 1999 Infiniti i30 and I noticed that my a/c was not blowing very cold so I went to the store to buy the a/c pro 20oz charge and sealant. When I attached the gauge and put the can to use I noticed it did not get cold like it was suppose to when u use a freon can. My a/c ended up getting...
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    Is it possible???

    Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to interchange the grill from a newer model onto my I30. I really like the new look with the larger emblem. Has anyone done this or know if its possible???
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    Manual Transmission I30??

    CAN IT BE DONE?!! Been looking to start this as a project. Thinking that a 2000 Maxima 5-speed would work with the I30s since they share the same engine. Has anybody done this before? What transmission did you use and what would you guys estimate the cost to be?
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    Lean Misfire

    I have been having a lean misfire with my 98 I30. It usually only happens when I am in idle or low rpm's. Recently my car has been idling a lot lower then it previously did around 4000 in nutural and 6000 in gear. I upped my idle by about 3000 rpms and the problem seems to have stopped but seems...
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    2001 I30 HID Headlight help!!?1?

    Recently purchased a 2001 I30, non touring, and the first thing i need to address is upgrading to HID headlights. Im a little confused about ordering/purchasing the right bulb. Can anyone tell me what size low beam bulb I need???