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    Newbie looking to by a used Q50/G37/Q70/M56

    Hello all, I'm looking to spend under $20k & have preference for speed, sporty handling & quiet ride. Trying to get a handle on maintenance costs buying a 2013-2015, under 100k miles. I prefer lower insurance & don't mind slightly worn exterior, if my first 3 priorities are met. I guess...
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    Need G37 Buyer Advice!!!

    Hello, I found a 2011 G37xS with 88,000 miles at a great price, and I really want it. For any owners of G sedans, I'd like your advice considering the following: It has somewhat high mileage for a car I'd like to have for at least five years I'm a recent college graduate (with no debt and a...
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    G35x 2008 bogging-then dieing upon take off under low rpm

    PLEASE HELP :confused: ok so here's the problem..Explained the best I can lol Only when I'm at a stop, and I press the gas and only get it up to about 1200ish rpm, if I take my foot off of the gas right after I hit that mark ( like if I'm in traffic, getting on the highway in a line of cars, and...
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    Infiniti G37 - For Sale [Breaking & Spares Only]

    FOR SALE - INFINITI G37 FOR BREAKING & SPARES ONLY OPEN TO OFFERS Email me for details & images gemma@manchetts.co.uk *** FOR BREAKING & SPARES ONLY *** RTC damage Many usable parts. 3.5L V6 Engine - Petrol 2003 manufacture Manual engine Selling as a complete...
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    Center Console Piece Broke? 2012 g37x

    I'm going to sound like an idiot, but this piece came off of my center console (I didn't notice it until a few days later) and I have absolutely no idea how it fits back in. I've tried to wedge it back into the center console several ways, but I'm totally stuck. In looking at it, there may be...
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    2013 Infiniti G37X S Lease

    Hi Everyone, Last year I leased a 2013 G37. I'm a recent college graduate and I'm trying to find someone who might be interested in taking over the lease since I'm still trying to find job stability. I'm okay financially right now, but I'm trying to get out of this lease before something bad...
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    New to the forum

    Good Evening, All, I have been lurking and reading the G area forum. I decided to post an intro in prep for my myriad of questions to come. I live in the Austin, Texas area. I will be getting in the market for a new-to-me car (I always buy used). I am interested in a G35/37. I am leaning...
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    Selling 2005 White/Black-Grey G35 in SOCAL-$13500

    2005 Infiniti G35 In Great Condition. Minimal wear and tear but still looks real good. Automatic and many interior power options. Minor scratches scrapes (behing the rear passenger wheel) and crack ( on passenger fender) 86k Miles. Mostly freeway driven miles. Well taken care of. Clean title...
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    Haywire convertible top G37 S

    Has anyone with a G37 convertible ever had the top go down by itself? I went to a store, parked, and put the top up. Then, as I got out of my car, I hit the remote to lock the doors. I heard two beeps and as I walked away, from the corner of my eye, I noticed the top started retracting open...
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    I need your opinion…should I trade an A4 for a G37X sedan?

    I am a long time Audi guy (have an S5 and A4) but lately I have been wanting to trade in my 2006 A4 for another sedan that's sportier…don't want an S4 for two reasons: 1- I already have an S5 2- I don't want to spend more than $25K on a low mileage sport sedan so that takes out most German cars...