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    I35 pesky engine oil leak on AC Compressor

    All, I have a slow engine oil leak on the bottom of my I35 air conditioner compressor.. If I park car, the oil leaks about 5 drops per day onto floor, so the longer parked, the more the leak. I cleaned the bottom of compressor housing, restarted engine, and the oil slowly started leaking. I...
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    Has anyone ran the Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Amsoil? All my previous and current have been changed over to SS Amsoil. Just curious as I have ordered amsoil for my 11' qx56.
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    Parting out 2000 i30

    I recently purchased a 2000 i30 that was in a minor front end collision. I planned on fixing it and selling it, but due to a new job I will have little time to put in to it and resale at this point is too low to justify buying a new hood, bumper cover, radiator, and headlights. I also found out...
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    Engine turns over but won't start while radiator fan is on

    Hello every one. Got an '03 FX45, worked like a charm till lately when I started having problems in starting the engine. Sometimes when I turn the ignition key to ACC position, the radiator cooling fan starts blowing regardless (I mean even on a cold morning when engine was off all night), when...
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    Engine Swap!!

    I have a 1995 Infiniti G20 with the sr20de and standard trans. i see on the head the identication " 94Y" . Long story short, the bottom end it bad so i bought a new engine from a 1999 automatic Sentra i THINK. Identification on the head is "2J2" and is from Japan with no EGR. I already noticed...