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    RPM, Oil and Temp Gauge not working or turning on/off

    I own a 2005 QX56 SUV. Over the past few months, my RPM cluster stopped working and my oil and temp gauges are flashing on and off while I drive. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Where to look to see if there is a loose connection or wiring issue? Assistance is appreciated as...
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    QX56 Won't Start

    I've read so many threads, forums and watched a ton of videos and am stuck. Perhaps folks on here can provide me several issues that may be what's causing mine. I purchased a 2005 QX56 a week ago. The vehicles previous owner was a fanatic about service and maintenance on the vehicle. I...
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    Unique Electrical problem on 2006 M35

    I have 2006 M35 and it has 100K miles now. Recently during this cold weather, a weird electrical problem is happening. When I start the car in the morning, the center console including audio system, navigation and the climate control keeps on going on and off until the car is heated a little and...
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    Odd Starter Issue

    Could use a little help diagnosing this. Starter 'clicks' each time I turn the key, then starts on the next turn. Could be one try before starting, could be 3 or 4. Once the starter engages it lights right up. A little background. Car sat in 18 inches of water in neighbor's back yard for a...
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    05 QX-Rear Window Phantom Unlock? Electrical Issues?

    I'm new to this board, so please excuse any re-questioning. I'm having electrical issues with my 05 QX56. My rear window locks/unlocks itself, nonstop, when the window is fully closed. I have to drive around with the window not closed and the 'Rear Window Open' message flashing on my dash. I...