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  1. C

    U0100 Lost Communication with ECM/PCM

    I just cleared this fault on my 2013 QX56. Has anyone ever had this fault?
  2. Z

    I30 2001 P0505 Code

    Hi, some time ago I had a problem with my car, finally diagnosed with P0505 code and IACV-AAC Valve and ECM were replaced (I paid $2400). On Saturday, after 200 miles, my car stopped again. I used my portable computer and could see the same P0505 code. My car was towed back to the dealer. Still...
  3. O

    Can a Blank ecm for 99 I30 be programed?

    Ok I'm new here so I'll try to be brief. BACKGROUND- Changed out battery w/new one (time car without battery appox 45min). Car started x2 for just a few secs then died. After this it wouldn't start. Tried to re-set the Security as in manual with both keys & didn't work. Towed to my mechanic who...
  4. D

    ABS light

    Since I've decided to keep the 2000 I30t, I guess I better start working on it. :) Along those lines, my ABS light comes on and off while the car is running. When it comes on, the A/C blower kicks into hyper-high, and the headlights go to hyper-high beam. When the ABS light goes off, everything...