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    SP Performance Rotors & Pads

    Thanks for welcome guys. I picked up a 16 QX50 as a daily that needed brakes in the worst way. it felt like the previous owner constantly did 120 to 0 stops just for fun . I immediately decided to upgrade the rotors and pads on the car and I wanted to go with something a little more...
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    JX35 Front end noise

    I have a 2013 JX35 with 70,000 km on the odometer. I have a front end noise which I notice at low speed which appears to be created at each wheel rotation. The dealer says that there is no problem, but my wife and I notice it very distinctly. I would guess it is either a brake issue or a front...
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    2013 QX50 Squealing Brakes

    My fiance' bought this car brand new. It is just shy of 20,000 miles. One day as she was coming to a stop, she heard this embarrassing gut wrenching noise coming from her brakes. The next stop she came to did the exact same thing. Of course, she calls me while I am in a meeting freaking out...
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    ABS SENSOR question

    So I replaced (1) strut and axle/CV joint (RH) on my 2000 I30t...yay! (It SUCKED.) However, everything went back together fine. One side to go. Unfortunately, during the reassembly, I broke the ABS sensor off right where it bolts onto the "hub". Apparently, it's a costly part. I guess my...
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    Brake Questions

    My brake pedal goes almost to the floor when stopping. I have changed all shoes and pads. I have adjusted the rear brakes. I have bleed the brakes several times. I hear a small hiss, or vacuum leak (while car is running and I am in the drivers seat with door closed and windows up) hiss or...
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    2008 fx 35

    Brake problems from the beginning. Main symptom, brake pulsation when applying brakes. Now, also makes an intermittent grinding noise at end of stopping. Many trips to the dealer. "We can't hear it", "Oh, did you try the updated brake pads?", etc. etc. Went to an independent shop today, in...
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    Brake problem after pad change

    Just changed the rear pads, rotor and caliper on the RR of my 2000 I30t. Now that I have them changed, and bled, and master cylinder full, the pedal feels as if I have no brakes at all. (I do, but I have to push the pedal waaaaaay down.) So, what gives? Is there an adjustment that I need to do...
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    ABS motor continues to run after key off

    Hi, We have a 1997 QX4, and the ABS light started coming on intermittently. Then my wife told me that the car was making a funny noise after she turned it off. I discovered that a motor was still running on the passenger side up by the firewall. I'm assuming that's the ABS pump because of...