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    Bluetooth audio cuts in/out with iPhone 7 Plus

    I have a 2011 M56x and have owned it for five years. Sometime in the past year the bluetooth connection for music started cutting in and out. It is more than an annoyance. The dealership has told me it is an iPhone (iOS) issue. I have upgraded my iOS several times with no resolution. The...
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    Play music via Bluetooth connection on QX56

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and just bought a 2006 Infiniti QX56, I was able to pair my phone with the standard bluetooth in the SUV, but I am not sure how to play music using the connection. I have a 2010 lexus that lets me play music using bluetooth connectivity to my phone. Is this...
  3. R

    IPod hook up

    I'm being a little lazy right now, as I don't wanna go out to the truck in the cold and pull out the owner's manual But how/where do u plug in an IPod to play music through the AUX channel?? Do I need a special cable? thanks
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    Proud Owner with a question

    When I graduated high school, my uncle felt that I got shafted on the who car situation as my sister was driving a family car and paying nothing but gas where I bought a little Ford Ranger and did (and still do) all of the upkeep and pay for everything on it. In his mind, this was not fair so he...
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    Bluetooth Music?

    I have a 2011 g37 with Navigation system. I paira Samsung Galaxy S2 phone (bluetooth). I can use all of the phone features. I thought it would be cool to stream music from the galaxy in the G37 stereo. I started up TuneIn Radio pro. The music did not go through to the G37. Anyone know if...