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  1. S

    start and won"t start

    I have seen other posts about this issue but no real diagnostic solution. 2012 QX56 4WD WITH KEYFOB Car won't start, full good battery(checked at Dealer) foot on brake lights will come on etc but just won't turnover. Wait a while and come back 10 Minutes or 5 minutes or two minutes and turns...
  2. N

    Infiniti G20-G35 Alternator Compatibility - HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere I've looked on Google or in any other forums... I have a 2004 - Infiniti G35 and my alternator just gave out on me... I have been looking for an affordable option, and I've actually come across...
  3. R

    Battery was dead now alarm will not stop

    I have a 2001 I30 battery was dead for 2 weeks replaced the battery. the car starts and runs but the factory alarm will not shut off.. Any ideas?
  4. G

    Side View Mirror Motor - failing

    Hey guys, just a heads up. I was in to my dealer a week ago getting an oil change done and wanted them to look at two other items. Side view Mirror motor gets loud and "stumbles" when in reverse Battery strap is corroding. So as it turns out both motors in the side view mirrors will be...
  5. Q

    05 QX-Rear Window Phantom Unlock? Electrical Issues?

    I'm new to this board, so please excuse any re-questioning. I'm having electrical issues with my 05 QX56. My rear window locks/unlocks itself, nonstop, when the window is fully closed. I have to drive around with the window not closed and the 'Rear Window Open' message flashing on my dash. I...