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    ABS SENSOR question

    So I replaced (1) strut and axle/CV joint (RH) on my 2000 I30t...yay! (It SUCKED.) However, everything went back together fine. One side to go. Unfortunately, during the reassembly, I broke the ABS sensor off right where it bolts onto the "hub". Apparently, it's a costly part. I guess my...
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    ABS light

    Since I've decided to keep the 2000 I30t, I guess I better start working on it. :) Along those lines, my ABS light comes on and off while the car is running. When it comes on, the A/C blower kicks into hyper-high, and the headlights go to hyper-high beam. When the ABS light goes off, everything...
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    abs light comes on when parking brake applied

    couple of odd things going on with the brakes: 1) if you apply the parking brake the abs light comes on 2) have low pedal, but if you pump it up it gets firm. the master cylinder diagnosis was good, so its not that. there are no leaks, system was properly bleed and pads are excellent. please...
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    ABS motor continues to run after key off

    Hi, We have a 1997 QX4, and the ABS light started coming on intermittently. Then my wife told me that the car was making a funny noise after she turned it off. I discovered that a motor was still running on the passenger side up by the firewall. I'm assuming that's the ABS pump because of...