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    '99 I30 Fuel Leaking

    On a 1999 I30 - Fuel is leaking around hoses near the fuel tank. It's hard to tell where it's coming from because a large area was wet with gas. It continued to drip heavily for about 3 minutes after turning off the engine. I'm assuming it stopped after pressure in the fuel system died down...
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    Might be buying a 1999 i30.

    Hey there, folks. I'm doing some car shopping, and a 1999 i30 with 137k miles caught my eye. I live in upstate NY, where salt rots everything to waste pretty quick, and this car is still looking pretty nice. I was hoping you folks could give me some tips for things to look for when I go check...
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    1999 I30 Fluxuating Idle in Gear

    I have a 1999 I30 Limited with 180,000mi on it. I bought it with 90,000mi and the car has been great, only needing routine maintanance. A few months ago, I noticed that when in gear and at a stop, the RPMs fluxuated a few hunred RPMs sporadically. Eventually the check engine light for the knock...
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    A/c psi over 100

    I have a 1999 Infiniti i30 and I noticed that my a/c was not blowing very cold so I went to the store to buy the a/c pro 20oz charge and sealant. When I attached the gauge and put the can to use I noticed it did not get cold like it was suppose to when u use a freon can. My a/c ended up getting...