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    1995 G20 front seats looking to replace question

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to clean up my 1995 G20 with newer looking seats. My questions can can I use seats from a newer year model like a 1999 or 2000? Would they fit? Thanks Mike
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    1995, infinity g20 looking to sell

    White 147,000 miles queens, ny moved to ny do not need the car looking to sell runs has some issue it is an old car will take 800 can drop it off anywhere within newyork city
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    1996 Q45...how different from 1994, 1995?

    I own a 1996 model Q45. But I understand from the VIN: JNKNG01D8TM401259 That the vehicle was manufactured in 1995. I also have a G50/Q45 Nissan maintenance and repair procedures manual...for a 1994 model. Are there big differences between the three years: 1994, 1995, and 1996? Do I really...