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Infiniti Forum: Low Volts -Battery Current Sensor / IPDM
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Old 05-09-2018, 01:44 PM
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Default Low Volts -Battery Current Sensor / IPDM

The volts on my 2013 QX56 have been fluctuating recently. The volts spike up to normal range when the car is started. After driving for a few minutes or sitting idle the volts average around 12.3 -12.1. If I turn the headlights on the volts go back up to the normal range. (I have been driving with the lights on) The battery is 6 months old and I have had it tested. I am thinking it is either the battery current sensor, relay, alternator, grounding, battery or an issue with the IDPM. I am going to replace the battery and shield the current sensor. If this doesn't work I am going to remove the wire between the IPDM & the alternator. This should provide me with full time alternator volts.

Has anyone had this issue? Lots of talk about similar issues on other infiniti models.

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Old 05-09-2018, 06:17 PM
marctronixx marctronixx is offline
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have you had the entire charging system checked?

its been discussed nissan installs these cars with less than ideal charging systems.

some people have indeed swapped out the alternator. the factory battery is one of the first thigns I personally would replace.

the grounding straps are also next on the list of mods to do. they could be better.

i dont notice "spikes" or needle jumping. i HAVE seen the needle move when under a load (switching on lamps for example) but its not "spiking" or jumping around. it moves up to just over 13 volts and settles as needed.

but for sure before you go chasing your tail. have the electrical system checked out.

could be an issue in any of those components you have listed, sure. if you have a code reader, piong the obd port and see if you get anything back...
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Old 05-10-2018, 02:26 PM
mambro mambro is offline
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I have a 2012 QX56 and also noticed the needle movement. I had Infiniti inform me on a courtesy check that my battery (non-original / aftermarket) was failing the battery test. I bought an inexpensive digital volt meter that plugs into the cigarette adapter. It showed the same thing as you describe. I also noticed the needle/volts INCREASE as I took my foot off the accelerator from highway speeds. Why is that? The "Variable Voltage Control System". It's the Infiniti smarts to gain higher MPG by computer controlling the charging system and... you guessed it... enabling/disabling the charging as the system thinks you need it.

Here is one reference:

BMW (and others) do similar things. I'm not a fan.

In my case, I believe the "VVCS" ruined my hefty AGM battery. Luckily, had full replacement on that, so had it swapped out at no cost. Next up, ask my Service Adviser what can be done about it. Short story: have a tech pull a pin (vs. cut wire) in the system so that the "VVCS" thinks it needs to be charging. It was a base labor charge. I was warned it would affect the MPG, but went for it.
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alternator, battery current sensor, ipdm, qx56

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