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Infiniti Forum: Just bought a 2011 G25x
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Old 06-26-2011, 03:56 AM
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Originally Posted by s0n1c View Post
Well, honestly, I'm not sure. The G25 doesn't feel underpowered to me, but having driven them both (inifiniti has given me g37s as loaner cars twice now), I like my G25 more. I think that might be because the loaner cars were probably not treated nicely at all and the "adaptive" transmissions adapted to being abused. If I had driven and brand new one, my opinions might be different. However, you're considering a used one, so who knows how the previous owner treated it. I think at this point it would come down to this:

*Mileage/Condition of the used G37
*COST - not just initial purchase price, but maintenance and insurance as well. I bought a maintenance package with my G25, so I don't have to pay a thing for three years and I get free loaner cars (this cost me an extra $2300 up front).
*How much the extra features mean to you. iPod integration and Navigation might be the only features that would make me say go for the G37 over the G25, but it wasn't enough in my case since the new G25s have a USB port, and I have a smartphone that provides navigation for me if I need it, which isn't very often.
*Color combination. Maybe I'm shallow, but not every color combo available on the G sedan looks all that good to me. I would take a smaller engine and a newer car if it means I get a combination I like.
*Payments (unless you're fortunate enough for this not to apply to you and you're paying for the car up front), Trade-in/Down payment/interest rate, etc. Interest rates on new cars tend to be a bit lower than those for used cars, so there's a possibility that your payments for a new car could end up being less than those for a used car.

Obviously, my choice ended up being the new G25x, for a few reasons, which actually weren't mentioned above. My dealer was very cooperative with me and I had negative equity on my trade in. I got my G25x for 30067, which is 6k below the sticker price, and I got a 3.9% interest rate on the new car, which would have been more like 8.9% (my credit isn't very good) on a used car. I would have ended up with higher payments and more overall cost for a used G sedan versus the new G sedan I have now.
Thanks Sonic,

you bring up some good points, and the adaptive transmission is a big one. I was worried about the 25 being underpowered, but I've read enough posts to convince me that it shouldn't be an issue (plus I guess there aren't that many places where you can freely open up the throttle without getting into trouble any more). On the features, I am in the same boat with the navigation as you are, so that would not be a need for me, as would not the ipod integration to be honest. I would like the upgraded sound system, but at the end of the day, that is not a deal breaker either.

So, in the end, you are right that it will come to cost/condition/financing. I think if I can get a great deal on a 37 with great miles and a lower price than a new 25, then I will seriously consider it. Otherwise, I can try and get a deal on a new 25 at the end of the season, right before the 2012s come out. A couple of months ago I had the dealer down to $29k on a base 25, so I will try again to see what he will do on a 25x.

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