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Infiniti Forum: Band new QX fuel and Octane rating
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Old 04-25-2019, 05:21 PM
Fractal Fractal is offline
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So after 4 years of driving with 6 months of regular and 6 months of premium, I've found that (in my area with my driving habits) it has no impact on fuel economy...

That being said, I like the 'feeling' I get when putting premium in my vehicle... subconsciously maybe I think I'm keeping it 'extra' clean or something...
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Old 04-26-2019, 07:16 AM
marctronixx marctronixx is offline
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These cars are DESIGNED for high test/premium petrol. If you put regular in it you will get reduced power output. The computer will adjust whatever petrol you put in it (modern technology) but there IS a difference over regular or premium. These cars have high compression ratios and are designed on high octane petrol to prevent pre ignition and pinging. There’s science behind it. Car will still run fine with regular petrol again because the computer will adjust/retard the timing to compensate. I’d not like to run my car with its engine in a reduced output and i want the higher octane so my engine will be more resistant with engine ping/knock. Here in LA//Southern California it gets hot and that means a hotter engine and gone petrol is more apt to pre ignition before its time inside the cylinder.

Keeping it “extra clean” is placebo. Fuel form the refinery has to be a certain standard. There’s tiers of fuel and you can go to the top tier petrol site and see which stations have tip tier petrol. There are some fuel that has extra additives to clean the engine.

The DIG engine in our cars can get dirty with carbon buildup due to the way the injectors are in the block and its recommended you give the car an “Italian tune up” ever so often to blow out that carbon.
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