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Infiniti Forum: QX reliability (potential new users thread)
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Old 09-16-2017, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
aye my car is a 2012 and ain't nothing "vintage" about it! its the same car as the newer qx. just different lipstick on the front..

if you have been on various car forums over the years, you should have noticed that people only post up when there are issues. rarely do people log on and say "wow i just signed up to say this car is great" posts..

heck even audi had a recall, bmw, and other high end cars. tesla had a recall (adding titanium plate to the undercarriage to protect the battery)

so recalls will happen. the car is expensive so consider the maintenance on major parts (not talking about fluid maintenance and the type) to be expensive. this is nothing new.

so on to your question.

1. the majority of the 11-12 models were affected, but NOT all. there is a website that you can enter the vin in of your car to determine if it needs the work done, or you can call into any infiniti dealer and they will find it.

2. i don't believe so. once the repair is done (it's more than JUST the chain), you have a limited warranty on the WORK. i think its a year or X miles but that is something you can for sure find out through a local infiniti shop.

3. NO this does NOT mean that. if the recall was not done, and you get a car with over 100K you SHOULD GET IT DONE.

4. in theory yes. personally i would not take my car to ford to have the timing chain done (i mean would a dealer other than nissan/infiniti even AGREE to work on another car?) its not a super hybrid car its just a conventional DIG engine, 8 cylinder.

people who are good with mechanics, have done repairs himself and/or taken it to a local shade tree or friend. with the service manual for this car, you have access to the same procedures the infiniti techs do, so if you are mechanically inclined and have the space, time and tools, you can do repairs yourself.

the car is reliable. period. its built like a tank. ive had a 2006 armada, then a 2008 armada, and bought the 2012 qx brand new. its my daily driver and it has 68K on the clock. even before the recall work was done i did not have any issues with the car. with the recall done, the car still drives and feels like the first day i bought it. you can choose to believe me or feel that I am being biased, but there are many people who have these cars and they are one of the best.

since you are looking for a used car, get the vin and see what kind of life it had before you. anyone can get a car and dog it out, regardless of make.model.

some owners have had paint chipping off the caer on some areas. thats hit or miss and it noe common. again i have no paint flaking and my car (black) looks like it just drove off the showroom floor. yes i keep my car clean weekly, so other may not (some use this car as a grocery hauler/ mall troller, etc. and may not keep it as clean as other people)

other than the above, not much is going on with this car. nissan have had a reliable run with the armada/qx of the first gen (some cats have over 300K on the car) and no doubt they will continue with the second.

yes its expensive for certain things just like escalades and range rovers for example, so if you dont want to worry about that, you should look into another car that is less expensive.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've been on various forums over the years and no doubt they expose the weaknesses more than the attributes of a given vehicle. That's why they are a great resource to check for a vehicle you don't know much about. Looked at another QX56 tonight and it was immaculate. 96k miles and the carfax only showed regular maintenance through 2 owners. It feels like a joke that the Escalade from 2010-14 is even considered in the same segment. It's like a completely different era of vehicle. My main concern in this purchase is reliability. The QXs are a bit higher than I want to spend but after looking at them, they may justify the higher price tag. Just don't want to get hit with a big repair bill right out of the gate. That would be a lot easier to stomach on a $20k Escalade than a $29k QX. Plus I'm not as intimidated by repair work on a GM SUV. I can handle a lot of those repairs myself. Not so sure about the Infiniti. Thanks for any additional insight anyone can provide.
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Old 01-03-2018, 02:06 PM
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Default Purchasing an 08 - 10 QX56

Hello, I am new here and I'm in the market used QX 56,, likely to be 2008 to 2010 with 100k plus miles. My question for the experts here is are there any major issues that I should be aware of and or considering in my decision process.
I have read quite a few stories of timing chain and catalytic converter issues?
Do these issue effect all model years? At what mileage do these issues typically surface? Telltales to be on the lookout for ? Engine Codes to look for?
Thank you very much in advance!
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
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Old 01-04-2018, 12:20 AM
marctronixx marctronixx is offline
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that model qx is the same as the same year armada so whatever issue you may come across in your internet travels, you should add that car to the search string.

main things:


I had a 2006 and 2008 and dont recall reading about timing issues. or course, people only get online to complain and rarely do they get online to praise a car, so keep your search with a grain of salt.

as for trouble codes:

just see if there are any present. take the code(s) if any and search the internet.

im more concerned with maintenance history of previous owners). make sure you get good records.

the armada/qx of that year is a reliable car. i mod on another armada/qx forum and there are many 200K+ happy armada users.
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Old 01-11-2018, 04:03 PM
Webmanrod Webmanrod is offline
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2011 QX56. 130k miles.
My wife loves this SUV! But...
-Random electrical problems with battery failure. Infiniti service disconnects something to solve the problem that Infiniti manufacturing won’t fix.
-Timing chain problem at 90k (got money back after recall thank goodness. And thanks to all those who complained so that Infiniti was held responsible for poor manufacturing!)
-Catalytic converters both go out at 100k... $4000 because Infiniti Consumer Affairs said it was not ‘covered’ and it was my responsibility to pay for the repair.
-Now the transmission is doing a stuttering thing and Infiniti service says the only thing I can do is replace it at a cost of $9000. Infiniti Service is not allowed to repair them. And since there are no ‘codes’ when tested, apparently the computer does not even realize the transmission is having problems!
Infiniti Consumer Affairs says that it only covered these problems through 80k miles and that they were not interested in assisting in any way.
Now we have to decide if it is worth keeping or if we would ever consider trading it for another Infiniti.
Just WOW!
What are they thinking? No company survives when they don’t take care of the customers they already have... pretty sad since my wife loves the SUV.
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Old 01-18-2018, 05:51 PM
goblue goblue is offline
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160k miles on my 12. Really love the vehicle. Wife wants another. That said, I would not buy another Infiniti. Multiple problems that should just not happen (I do expect some, but there have been multiple major system failures). Timing chain, catalytic converters, front end suspension, broken seat brackets (1k each), rear air lift suspension, leaky weather sealing on windows, backup camera. Plus I get about 15k miles on the rear tires. Granted I am at high miles, but problems started to develop at 50k miles and pop up every now and again in a frequency that I wish they wouldn't.

Was thinking about GLS but maybe your experience is a warning. Maybe just by a Land Rover so I know what is coming and don't expect reliability.
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