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Infiniti Forum: 2012 QX56 15 speaker sub woofer input color question
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Old 02-04-2019, 11:07 AM
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So I am 6 months into my QX56 ownership and the Bass that initially impressed from the Theater Package sound system has disappeared into the ether and I cannot hear it anymore even with the Bass equalizer cranked. I have performed the speaker diagnostic and can confirm that the 2 subwoofers are working(or at least one of them is), along with the other 13 speakers, but it is lackluster for my taste. I have read on other forums that the little 4" subwoofers aren't terrible speakers and that if you just push them with enough power then they sound much better. I have an XD400/4 JL Audio amp laying around in the garage and decided that I was going to try this "free" upgrade, and worst case if it still isn't enough then I can always add another larger sub to my amp later bridged on the other 2 channels.

So this weekend I ran some new power from the battery and removed all the interior panels covering the sub woofers and the Bose Amp. Before I go splicing into the wrong wires I had a question if anyone has the answer.

I am trying to figure out the input wire colors to the Bose Amp from the AV Head unit. When I look in the manuals section for the 2012 there is no AV service manual available. I have pulled the 2011 AV manual along with the 2014 AV manual, and since the 2011 only has the 13 speaker option I am inclined to believe the 2014 colors are more correct.

The M206 connector that appears to come from the AV Head unit says the "STRG SW GND" is B, and the "STRG SW B" is Y/L. Can anyone confirm this for the 2012? These sound like they should be the input wires to the Bose Amp for the sub woofer, but with a 2 year gap I would love to know if anyone has tapped into these already and can confirm.

Also I think I am going to pull out the sub woofer wiring and run each woofer off separate channels 1&2 on my 4 ch amp. Together in Parallel they appear to be about 1.3 ohms, so separate that would make them about 1.5ohms by my calculations for loads in a parallel ckt which would make my amp happier since it wants 2ohm loads at a minimum. Can anyone confirm this as well?

Thanks in advance and I will try and write up a post when I am done if it is a success since I can't find one for the 2012 + QX 15speaker sub woofer upgrade mod.

Well, I have been running the stock sub on an external amp and I must say the bass output has more than doubled. There are definitely times where I have to attenuate the bass (with a remote bass control knob) because depending on the song it sounds like I might blow them, Other songs take the full power and sound amazing. Overall I am happy with the mod but honestly I am biding time until I blow them and have a better excuse to put in a real sub in a custom fiberglass enclosure to fit the space.

As far as install wiring goes a couple of things to note about the 2012 vs the 2011 are the following...
Out of the Bose amp the wiring is Red positive and white negative.
At the speakers themselves, the colors flip to red negative and green positive. Don’t ask me why, but that is what they did.

Here are some pics...

more pics...

and back in the truck...
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