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Old 04-20-2018, 02:20 PM
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Default New here

Hey Infiniti forums, glad you exist to help frustrated owners out. I have a scenario that has caused me to register and now post.

About 15 months ago I purchased a beautiful certified pre-owned (CPO) ’13 JX35 from Park Place Infiniti here in Vegas. Love the car. Three rows were key and the simplistic luxury was so a welcomed site from the Expedition I’d been driving. Well, driving last fall, the check engine light came one (after about 20k miles of me owning it. I drive to and from LA more than I’d like to admit, putting some mileage on the car). Anyway, that was not big deal because I was due for a oil change. The longest I’d gone between changes was 9k miles. Took the car in and was told it was an O2 sensor and the that service clerk had to talk to me about the car. He told that there was a problem and the engine had oil sludge build up. Not knowing all that much about cars, I basically said, ‘ok, fix it.’ I did an engine flush, but was told that once oil sludge is found there is really nothing else to do except hope there is not engine failure. That freaked me out a bit, but I felt ok because the car was CPO and my warranty should cover repairs. I was then told that evidence of oil sludge voids that portion of my warranty. YIKES! So I asked for advice and it was recommended to increase oil changes more frequently, which I did, 2500 miles or so. I kept driving and once again the CEL came on and the code read for a O2 sensor. They dealership cleansed the sensor and cleared the code and send me on my way. Once again, about a month later, CEL comes one and they say they cannot determine why the 02 sensor code is appearing and basically convinces me the engine is faulty and this is the beginning of the end. I take the car and after about three weeks, the car runs with massive amounts of white exhaust smoke, so bad that a cop said I cannot drive that car. I take it to the dealership and they say the engine needs replacing and that my warranty will not cover it based on the information sent over to my Infiniti dealer. I start investigating more thoroughly about my car and cannot find any evidence of maintenance for 29k miles prior to my ownership and ask why that information was not taken into consideration when determining the cause of the sludge. I was told by the Infiniti consumer affairs department that they would not include that evidence within the claim. I relent and get the engine replace, $5500. That was a bit steep considering I owned the car for less than a year.

Well, two weeks into getting the car back the CEL comes back on and I take it in to the dealership. I’m told the CAT has gone bad and now the dealership wants an additional $2200 for the repair. Hard to swallow and since the car surpassed the 80k mile threshold, I would not be covered for that. I have fought with Infiniti Consumer Affairs and the dealership about what I believe is right and what I think they should do. I cannot find a way to escalate my situation. Has anyone had success finding the right people who can help a person in my situation out? Or am I just screwed?
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