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Infiniti Forum: 06 infiniti qx56 intermittently hesitates when downshifting/accelerating
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Old 08-09-2018, 11:44 PM
ahreno ahreno is offline
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Default 06 infiniti qx56 intermittently hesitates when downshifting/accelerating

2006 infiniti qx56 with 205k

kind of difficult to describe. sometimes, and it seems more often after being driven for maybe an hour or two, it will have serious issues accelerating. If i'm light on the gas, it'll keep going at highway speed but if i hit a hill or want to speed up to pass etc it will stall/chug/hesitate. the best way i can describe it is being similar to how it feels when you run out of gas (obviously thats not the issue). I dont think its the transmission as it still does it if i manually drop it down into 3rd or whatever as well.

it does seem to get progressively worse as it drives longer. it'll be fine at 60mph for a while then all of a sudden if i try to go faster than 40 it'll do it... but then i can let it sit and drive a different vehicle and come back to it day(s) later and it'll be fine for a while.

it did throw a p0335 (crankshaft sensor) code recently which i replaced (one of three? i replaced the one on the bottom near the transmission) and the issue did reoccur since.

the car has a known dash board light issue where the tach doesn't work, lights flicker, gauges dont read correctly so that makes it all a bit harder. I do have a cheap $20 bluetooth odb reader.

one thing to mention is that i had issues starting it a week or so ago (when it threw the p0335 code finally got it started and it had a real rough time running the mile or two home... then two days later after replacing the sensor it seemed fine.

only other thing i can think to mention is that the airbag light is also flashing (recently started, so probably unrelated). i did some black magic key combo to reset it and it came back quickly.
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Old 08-10-2018, 03:32 PM
marctronixx marctronixx is offline
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Sounds like you have an electrical issue thats causing intermittent issues with the tranny.

The combination cluster is a hub for data to be shared with the sensors in the car.
If this is acting up as you suggest, it begs to reason there is some electrical gremlin (loose harness, colored wire...) causing continuity issues.

A good obd scanner that can pull up tranny codes (not just MILs) may share more info.

Remember, this car has the equivalent of a small LAN (canbus) where everything has a sensor on it. That data travels through the combination cluster , and if there is some issues at that junction, it can effect the TCM, ECM, and could give false readings to parts downstream from the error.
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